Ponzu the Father of Kittens – 11 Pics

Cats and dogs are usually not really fond of each other. Every dog owner (if the dog didn't grow up with a cat) knows that he'll at least stretch his leash when he sees stray cat. Most owners wouldn't really like to test whether their pet would just want to “play with it”. In this case, Ponzu's owner would have no such problems. Ponzu already “fathered” several stray kittens that his owners brought in. He watched for them not to go too far away from their box, kept them warm and clean after they ate and generally assumed fatherly role in their lives. While this isn't exactly one of the unusual friendships we've been talking about in previous articles, this is rather an unusual way of living. Nature has it's own way of playing with things we take for granted. (source)

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