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How many times did you check out some photo of yourself and thought “God, I look so silly”? I know that I often feel that way. I am just not photogenic and unless somebody takes a picture of me without me being aware, I just know it’s gonna look like a had some poison for breakfast. Well, animals are not that different from humans, at least in this respect. There are many non-photogenic animals out there, and it was really difficult to select the best photos for our hilarious list.

Sleep is for weak-minded

This is basically the way I look like when I just get up in the morning. Actually, this is how I look like until I’ve had my coffee, to be exact. I guess this owl went a few days without sleeping and it’s bound to take a toll on his looks. All he needs is a cup of coffee. Well, maybe a Red Bull would do the trick better.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 1

Is this a sPUGhetti monster?

If you don’t look like a member of your own species in a photo, that means that you are not particularly photogenic. This adorable guy looks more like some kind of fish than a dog. It seems that this pug was just watching Game of Thrones and came across one of many WTF moments. Not a good time to take a picture, that’s for sure.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 2

A serious tapir

Well, this is me again. This is how I look like when I try to pose for a serious photo. This is my profile picture on LinkedIn. I feel your pain, mate, I know what it’s like to be so non-photogenic that it hurts. And I’m not the only one who is hurt in those situations, it’s all those other people that see the photo. They feel the pain from laughing too hard.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 3

Goofing around or just non-photogenic?

Some people have all the luck in the world. The striking contrast between these two dogs really shows how lucky some guys are to be so beautifully photogenic. And then, there’s me and this hilarious pooch. And Chandler Bing, let’s not forget Chandler Bing.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 4

A beautiful model in the making

Have you ever seen some striking photo of a hot model and tried to recreate it yourself? No? Well, I did. The results were similar to this dog’s photo. Just an awkward guy trying to look hot. And I always make a face like this. Then I just say to people I was goofing around. But I wasn’t. I so wasn’t.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 5

An angry frog

This frog obviously doesn’t like being photographed. You can clearly see his discontent. Either that, or he is just so non-photogenic that he looks angry even when he isn’t. Although I have to say, that hand seems to indicate his emotions.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 6

A sneezing cat

This photo had to be included, even though it seems like this cat is caught mid-sneeze. This guy might actually be very photogenic, but somebody took a photo in the right moment. If that’s not the case, then this kitty surely deserves its place on our list, without any doubt. BTW, this is me when I see food and start drooling. Yeah, I’m that guy.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 7

A broken dog

This is another photo from “I can be hot, too” category. This pooch wanted to strike a seducing pose, but the end result just isn’t what he was hoping for. I know, I’ve been there, more than once. That is why I only do selfies now, so nobody can see me in this position unless I allow them.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 8

Say cheese!

This cat is just weird and so non-photogenic that I believe he could beat me if there ever was a competition for the worst photo. Just look at that uncomfortable smile. Maybe it is even a vicious smile, which is probably even more likely, given the nature of all cats. Whatever the case is, this is just an unbelievably bad pic.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 9

Just a chameleon

When your eyes have the ability to rotate enough to cover 360 degrees of vision, then you are bound to make some silly and weird faces. This guy decided to showcase his amazing abilities in a pic, but even he didn’t expect to end up looking so ridiculous. I guess he won’t be such a show-off next time.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 10

Don’t horse around!

Striking a great pose to get your picture taken from the back is a feat only few can accomplish. This horse and I are not a part of that group. Firstly, you must make sure that your behind is properly positioned. You don’t want your butt sticking out. Secondly, you must be pretty flexible in order to pull off a great smile while turning around. This guy has a lot of practice left to do. I, however, have given up on taking this kind of pictures and I’m pretty close to giving up on taking any photos of myself.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 11

A tongue-sticking portrait

Let me just say this right away – sticking your tongue out when you take a photo is never a good idea! I mean, imagine Mona Lisa sticking her tongue out. Not so classy, right? This giraffe also looks like he is bored to death, in addition to that sticking tongue. Overall, not a great look, giraffe, better luck next time.

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not their most flattering shot 12 pictures 12

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