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Disneyland is for most people probably the happiest place on Earth. That’s the place where the fairy tales from our childhood revive and, believe us, it’s not the happiest place only for people but also for cats. It is a little known that Disneyland actually has secret little helpers at night. They like to freely roam the streets and walkways of Disneyland and to do what all feral cats do – spend time catching rodents. The Disneyland cats have been around since 1955. When Walt Disney wanted to open the Sleeping Beauty Castle, feral cats had already set up homes for themselves there. Since Walt and his staff didn’t want to eliminate the cats, they decided to adopt them all and to ensure them good homes. The following photo is the proof that Walt was a huge fan of those magical helpers.

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They all get the proper care

Up to now, there have been 200 feral cats living in Disneyland and all of them are vaccinated and neutered by Disney’s employees. Believe it or not, all cats are named and have five feeding stations and shelters where they receive daily veterinary care. Disneyland is their land and they prowl its streets when humans go away. When there is nothing to do, these fat cats enjoy their days lounging beside their feeding stations. We are sure they try their best to forget it was all started by a mouse. “I really don’t want to move out of here… this is my piano!”

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Curious cutie

“I’ve just wanted to try how the other side of life looks like. I must admit, it’s pretty cool. I definitely wanna be a baby!” Becky likes to try everything that catches her eyes! Although it’s not allowed for people to pet Disney’s cats, she sometimes likes to cross that line.

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World famous kitties

This is how Lucian spends his time in the Indiana Jones queue area. He is a great adventurer and a solo player. Maybe it sounds weird, but Disney’s staff doesn’t allow visitors to pet the cats. If they notice a cat is starting to socialize with people, it will be put up for adoption. The same thing happens to any kitty born at the Disneyland property. Disney’s cats are feral, so it’s best to give them their own space. Therefore, they’re most photographed in nature and not with visitors. Nowadays, the Disneyland cats have a huge and loyal fan club. They have a Facebook page with more than 17 k likes, a Twitter account with 15.2 k followers and Instagram account with 61.9 k followers.

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Look at this handsome guy

The biggest charmer among all Disneyland cats is certainly Giovanni. He always photographs beautifully in close ups and likes to flirt with the camera. Among these lovely and furry residents many interestingly-looking cats can be found and this Long-haired orange guy is only one of them.

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Fluffy welcome

Ned is the welcoming committee at the Disneyland Hotel.“Do you want a double or a single room?”

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Mmm, Yummy…

What sort of tasty treat do you think Francisco is dreaming about in this picture? Francisco is probably the most famous resident of the Magic land because of his distinctive look which actually made him an internet sensation. If you visit Disneyland, you can’t miss this guy…hmm….actually he’s a GIRL with a very strange name and she’s the only Disneyland cat tagged with Instagram hashtag #FranciscoFriday.

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Hellooo, is anybody there?

“There’s always nothing left for me! It’s not fair!” There’s a bonus to being a Disney Cat – they never have to wait in line and can freely roam wherever they want!

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Scary guy

This lovely looking guy is Lucifer! Even though his name sounds a bit frightening, you must admit he’s absolutely gorgeous! It was a rare opportunity to photograph him so closely because of his wild nature. He strongly follows the rules of avoiding people.

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Magical evening

There is nothing more romantic than a dinner for two with a Disney cat. Night, Moon, stars and one cat looking at your plates….oh how lovely! As you can see, not all the animals in Californian Disneyland are cartoon characters. These feral cats truly live a secret life avoiding the heavy crowds during the day. For many visitors, all these fluffy residents remain unnoticed, but for us, one thing is for sure – they all make us purr!

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