Lovely Moments on the Plane – 9 Pictures + 3 Gifs

You probably know that many airline companies allow pets on the plane. When we say “on the plane” we mean traveling with the rest of the passengers and not in a container, or in the cargo hold. People need to travel with pets for many reasons. Some people do that because of vacation, business, relocation or medical reasons. If someone has a medical need (psychiatric or a mental disability) for being with a pet on the flight, s/he needs to qualify a pet as a psychiatric service pet or as an emotional support pet. Only in that case it would be allowed for a passenger to share his seat with a dog, a cat or some other animal. A service pet provides a safe presence and emotional support for the owner and helps him to feel calm. And…where the pets are – there is a party! We found some of the best and funniest moments on the plane to brighten up your day. “Hmmm…. I think I’ve heard someone’s opening a bag of snacks! Yep, “it’s the guy behind me! “

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