Koala Walks into Your House – What’s Your First Move? – 6 Pictures + 1 Video

Koala bears are probably one of the cutest wild animals in nature. We all admire their peaceful and calm lifestyle, watching them as they spend all day on a tree eating leaves and being care free. As if that wasn’t adorable enough, they are also known for being extremely small when they are born (the size of a jellybean). The question is why would an animal living such a relaxing lifestyle, sleeping nearly 20 hours a day, and almost never leaving the tree it lives on, suddenly walk into a humans house and wander around looking for something.

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koala walks into your house whats your first move 6 pictures video 1

Koala bear is an arboreal animal. This means that they are spending most of their lives on trees. As a matter of fact koalas rarely even get down from trees simply because they don’t really need to. They feed only on leaves of a specific eucalyptus tree and they get most of the water they need from leaves as well. Koala bears were originally found in Australia. They can be found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Koala bears are quite easily recognized because of their characteristic appearance. They are quite small to be popularly called “bears “ since an adult koala is only around 24 to 33 inches tall and their weight can’t be over 33 lb, in difference to bears which can weigh from 200 lb to 1400 lb depending on the species. In fact koalas and bears don’t really have anything in common with bears.

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koala walks into your house whats your first move 6 pictures video 2

Koala has much more in common with a kangaroo for instance than with a bear. First of all koalas only eat leaves, and to be even more exact they only eat leaves from and eucalyptus tree making them on of the most famous examples of herbivores, while bears are omnivores, and are quite dangerous. This misconception started out in 18 th century when English – speaking settlers thought koala is a type of bear because of its miniature bear-like appearance. Of course there are dozens other differences between koalas and actual bears such as the fact that koalas mother carries its offspring in her pouch on her body like a kangaroo until they are mature enough, but we will talk more about that another time. For now we will focus on this particular adorable koala from the video and explain why he broke into the house.

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koala walks into your house whats your first move 6 pictures video 3

On the video you can clearly see how this adult koala approaches the front door of the house and without any hesitation goes inside and start to snoop around the house as this woman films. She than offers it some water in a bowl which this koala refuses until a woman dips her hand in water and offers the koala to lick her hand. It wanders around the house a little more until it finally runs out and climbs the first tree it finds.

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Woman in this video behaved quite friendly and was very welcoming towards this curious Koala bear. She was not frightened by this unsuspected guest at all, in fact it seems as she is enjoying its sudden visit. You can see how she pets the koala and tries her hardest to help it and not scare it away. Once the Koala had some water off her hand and didn’t seem too interested to drink any more than that, a woman kindly lured it out of her house and watched as the koala climbed a tree nearby.

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koala walks into your house whats your first move 6 pictures video 5

A woman in this video is Alicia Alexander. She is very familiar with koala bears and quite frankly a huge fan of them. She lives in South Australia which is known for many koalas living there. As you can see in the video description, she was in fact very delighted to see a Koala bear in her yard and behaved very invitational towards this adorable creature. Alicia loves Koala bears and knows nearly everything there is to know about these marsupials. Besides this famous YouTube video that has nearly 500 000 views, Alicia is also a creator of a very popular blog. It is not too difficult to guess the main theme of her blog, that’s right, its Koala bears! Alicias blog is filled with useful and interesting information about koalas, other than that there are a lot of amusing and cute pictures, videos and stories all dedicated to her favorite animal. If any of you are interested in finding out more, you can visit her blog here

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koala walks into your house whats your first move 6 pictures video 6

Even though the adorable scenario in this video might seem like a rare occasion, in reality, Koala bears often try to break into houses. Despite this being one of the most popular videos of this scenario, there are numerous others in which you can see a Koala breaking in uninvited. There is a very simple explanation to why these adorable harmless looking animals keep breaking into houses. The answer is water. As we mentioned earlier, koala bears usually satisfy their daily need for water the same way they satisfy their hunger. By eating eucalyptus leaves. It gives them enough nutritive value and it also contains enough water for koalas needs. As true as that is, in high temperatures, which can be common in their habitat, sometimes Koala bears need more water to survive especially if they are looking for a new tree. In those cases, Koala bears will not hesitate trying to break into your house in search of water and refreshment. Alicia was very aware of this fact and that’s the reason she let the koala walk into her house and offered it water right away.

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koala walks into your house whats your first move 6 pictures video 4

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