Jellyfish – a Pet and a Decoration – 11 pics

Jellyfish are becoming a new favorite pet in the UK thanks to the special aquariums that are now in sale. These aquariums can hold up to 12 of jellyfish, and most of those which could be found in Britain's pet shops are already sold out. The company that produces them has made a specific water circulation system that allows jellyfish to survive in a small enclosed space. Earlier people couldn't keep jellyfish as pets, because they needed flowing water that allows them to swim. However, the price is too high if you ask me, a single aquarium costs more than 900 euro while the price of a jellyfish is in range of 35-50 euro. Besides being popular pets recently, jellyfish in this aquarium become a decoration also because of the LED lights in various colors. So,  a jellyfish for a pet? Think about it…

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