How to Take Care of Your Aquarium – 10 Pics

While many people get pet fish because they don’t need to clean after them around the house and take them for a walk, but you still need to take care of their habitat – the aquarium – if you want to make sure the fish keep surviving and growing in your aquarium. This article will tell you all about the best ways you can take care of the aquarium in minimal time to ensure the best results in the least amount of time.

Water is the Most Vital Part

The primary thing you need to care about in your aquarium is the water – it is what keeps your fish alive, it is what helps the plants keep growing, and it is what makes the aquarium look clear and clean. That’s why you need to do your best to ensure the water is clean, well-filtered, and contains all the minerals and oxygen necessary for fish and plant health. This isn’t an easy task but there are some steps you should take:

1. Replacing 10% of the tank’s water every week: there is certainly a lot that goes into making sure the tank water is clean, but one of the easiest and fastest things you can do to ensure the water is clean is replacing 10 percent of it each week. This is by no means the only thing you need to do, but it is a great first step to ensure that your fish don’t die from too much pollution.

2. Installing a filter: installing a filter takes away a lot of the physical work you need to do, it’ll make the water circulate and doesn’t let it stagnate, it filters out all the debris and the dust that will accumulate over time, and the more advanced ones will even regulate the chemicals inside the water not allowing its PH to rise to dangerous levels for the fish. It is indispensable for larger fish tanks/aquariums. You just need to make sure that the filter is well-taken care of and the filter media is changed regularly.

3. Taking care of the plants’ needs: when you are regulating the water, you need to keep the plants in mind. Of course, not every aquarium has plants in it, and you should feel free to skip this section if yours doesn’t. But if you do have plants in the tank, it isn’t an easy job ensuring they are healthy and growing. The tap water that you fill the tank with doesn’t have many necessary materials needed for plant growth, so you’ll have to supplement them through various other means.

Tools Allowing You to Maintain the Aquarium Better

There are multiple tools and devices you can use to maintain the aquarium better and easier – we’ve already talked about filters, but they aren’t the only aquarium supplies you can use in your fish tank:

1. Heaters: the temperature of the water can fluctuate quite rapidly, and this could spell trouble for a lot of different types of fish. Especially for certain sensitive types of fish, you need to make sure the water temperature stays constant – buying a water heater is the best way to do that. Maybe you can save money buying a water filter that acts as a heater as well.

2. Water Circulators: making sure your fish has enough dissolved oxygen to breathe is extremely important, and it isn’t an easy task to do. There’s no way to increase the amount of oxygen in your tank without buying a device. Now, there are some filters that act as a water circulator, but not all of them do. And if you are feeling like your fish are unhealthy and don’t get enough oxygen, maybe getting one is worth it.

These aren’t the only items of course, and there are many others. You should definitely check product review sites out if you want to make sure you’re buying the best products. You can also see some ideas on our other article: Aquarium LED Lights – 8 Pics.

Ensuring Your Fish Feel Home

Ensuring that your fish feel at home is important – some types of fish will not feel like eating if it is in a very foreign environment, others require sand to feel at home. This is different for different types of fish, and you need to make sure what their requirements are. Some people construct the best looking aquarium before they’ve even chosen any fish, but this is putting the cart before the horse – a pretty bad idea. You always need to research what type of fish you’re going to get beforehand and then construct an aquarium befitting the fish. It isn’t a one-time thing though, you still need to ensure the fish feel at home when taking care of the aquarium – be it by replacing the sand, adding new plants, etc.

Author: Rachel Connolly

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