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Having a heart on the chest is not something you will often see when looking some cat around. But, with Zoe, you will have the luck to enjoy the beauty that nature created. If we connect this with the restless spirit of her sister, then you have the right team for enormous fun.

The cute kitten Izzy

Izzy was a small kitten when Joanne Smienk went with her boyfriend to adopt her. She was sweet and ready to go, although she would probably miss her sister. But, something strange happened at the moment of adoption. 

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Zoe melted the heart of new owner

Although Joanne wanted only one cat, she falls in love with Zoe at first sight. The heart on Zoe's chest was not visible in the pictures she saw before, and after a few minutes, she decided that both sisters will come together in a package. This is how she took two kittens, and that was a fantastic decision.

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Black and white sisters

Some called them black and white sisters from the very beginning. Zoe was the black one, due to her cute heart on the chest that became a real attraction these days on the internet.

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Two sisters with different characters

Once Joanne took the first picture of her cats, they started to be popular on the web. Maybe the reason is not very clear, as only Zoe looks like a star in some moments. But, if you want to understand all of these, you should look a bit more their characters and find out all the differences.

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Why is Izzy special?

The cat which has a restless spirit can be a star. You only need to look long enough everything she does, and you will realize what we are talking about all the time. Everything she does is personal enjoyment and even running for a fake mouse is the real refreshment in the daily routine.

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How Zoe solves similar assignment?

Zoe is more cautious, although she is a curious cat as well. But, it is not so important what she does or not, it is enough that she stands in front of the objective and the publicity will grow. Her mom says the cats never pose, she is always catching the moment for which she thinks are interesting.

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The red world of happiness

It is so nice to see the family together. They are all having so good time while they play. These British Shorthair sisters are mixed, as Joanne says Zoe is not so keen to accept the concept of short hair. Zoe likes to have longer hair, and this is how her look is more accurate just because of that.

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Izzy stands for a princess

Yes, Izzy is the real example of short hair cats. Some know her by the name Princess Izzelina. But, maybe she is too kittenish to have this great title? Well, it is up to you to decide. There is only one thing you cannot reject to admit – these two girls have more than 95,000 followers on their Instagram page.

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The Fluff

We already mentioned that Zoe does not like to have short hair. This is how she became the Fluff. But, she was also known as the Queen Of Hearts, as her look is so adorable. Her favorite job is to scratch around. However, this is something we can expect from the cat that has an excellent life.

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heart shaped love 12 pictures 9

The distinctive face expression

Although Zoe was the only one who was crucial for the Internet visitors at the beginning, Izzy also succeeds to get some attention. Her face expression is something that differs her from all other cats, and also from her famous sister.  

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heart shaped love 12 pictures 10

The heart you will remember

Maybe we are close to the end of this story, but one is obvious – this heart on the chest you will remember for a long time. Nature played a genius role, and this is how all of you who see this wonderful cat will be able to recognize her every time you see her picture.

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Care Bear in real

Compare Zoe with a real-life Care Bear, and you will not get wrong. As we are admiring the beauty of this cat, we should bear in mind that these two cat sisters are inseparable. If we follow them on Instagram, we would have much more exciting moments and cute photos to see in the minutes we are in a mood to relax.

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heart shaped love 12 pictures 12

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