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Even if you are not lovers of rodents, you will agree that sometimes they look cute, while at some point they are almost irresistible. When you're not thinking of them as little creatures known to cause damage in our home, little cute rodents are really attractive even as pets. However, did you know that the Gobi Jerboa is only one of the members of this species, which resembles an ordinary mouse, but in fact is very different?

Endless deserts as sweet home

This tiny resident of spacious and sandy places has found its habitat in the Gobi Desert, while its closest relatives live in the Sahara. Exceptionally different climatic conditions prevailing in these deserts indicate the adaptability to natural climate because Gobi Jerboa can survive very cold winters. The shelter comes from digging temporary burrows and small tunnels in the sand, where this cute animal is hiding from the cold weather, but also from the many predators and curious looks. There are even 33 species of Jerboa, so it is not unusual why some people do not make a big difference of each.

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Kangaroo – the big brother

Although most resembles the mouse, if you take a closer look of these long legs, you'll realize there are similarities with the kangaroo. Precisely due to this, Jerboa can carefree jump in the sand, but also flee from danger when necessary. If we compare the ratio of the length of the front and rear legs of the furry little fellow, and we increase its proportion to reach the size of a kangaroo, we might be surprised with the fact that in this case the Gobi Jerboa has longer legs than its big jumping friend.

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Walk like a man, but jump spectacularly

Very interesting is the fact that these animals which are similar to mice move only with the help of the hind legs, while their front legs are about four times shorter and are only for digging canals and feeding. Chinese or Mongolian Jerboa that lives in the Gobi Desert, on the hind legs have five toes, which sets it apart from some close relatives who live in Africa. They also have a long tail in the back.

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Give me a cup of water please

What you could assume that these interesting animals feed in accordance with the climate and can survive thanks to various types of insects, plants and even seeds. However, what you probably did not know is they never drink water. Fluid for them come from the food juices and they don’t need any water.

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From one side to another – a big jump

Sounds a bit unbelievable, but these little hopping desert rodents can jump around like a Ping Pong Balls. If you compare the distance between their initial and final position after one jump, you will realize they can hop amazing distances in a second. In a single bound these small animals crossing more than one meter, which is really fascinating for critters that size is only a few inches.

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Faster than some old car

It is not easy to monitor and investigate this Jerboa, as it mainly hides under the sand during the day and moves at night, so it is not easy to spot. That is why its behavior is still mysterious. What is definitely certain is the fact Jerboa rodents can develop a speed of about 15 miles per hour. From the side, this movement makes the impression of flying through the air.

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Lady needs a hero to survive

How generally they live a lonely life, and rarely in the colonies, it is very difficult to find them in pairs or groups. Therefore, it is rare to find photos of these animals in a pair or group. The greatest chance to find them in pairs is during the mating season, as Gobi Jerboa breeds several times during the year. In most cases, after a long pregnancy female gives birth to two or three cubs which are totally helpless and dependent on the mother. Thanks to the fact the calves are born relatively often, this species is not considered endangered, so probably people can explore more in the future. However, predators can be a threat to their survival.

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Be aware of hidden cat

What is interesting to know about these little furry creatures is they generally live two, maximum three years. Their keen sense of smell helps them in their search for food. Their long ears are not merely decorative, but provide fantastic hearing, which keeps them from predators such as Jackals, Foxes and Owls. Of course, like for the other mice, even house cats can be a big threat. When they are in danger, they use zig zag pattern of jumping and in this way manage to deceive the enemy.

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Interesting to follow

Gobi Jerboa is a warm-blooded animal with a skull on its head. It is a mammal and has developed respiratory system. Thus, this is one very complex animal and has a lot to show if we look a bit better.

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Nice and shy friend in the desert

They say that the Jerboas are extremely shy animals. It is possible to entice them to the surface only if they have no way to hide, so if you want to go in search of his specimen, arm yourself with patience and a strong will to see this beauty.

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gobi jerboa unique and so sweet 10 pictures 10

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