Gobi Jerboa – Unique and Soooo Sweet – 10 Pictures

Even if you are not lovers of rodents, you will agree that sometimes they look cute, while at some point they are almost irresistible. When you're not thinking of them as little creatures known to cause damage in our home, little cute rodents are really attractive even as pets. However, did you know that the Gobi Jerboa is only one of the members of this species, which resembles an ordinary mouse, but in fact is very different?

Endless deserts as sweet home

This tiny resident of spacious and sandy places has found its habitat in the Gobi Desert, while its closest relatives live in the Sahara. Exceptionally different climatic conditions prevailing in these deserts indicate the adaptability to natural climate because Gobi Jerboa can survive very cold winters. The shelter comes from digging temporary burrows and small tunnels in the sand, where this cute animal is hiding from the cold weather, but also from the many predators and curious looks. There are even 33 species of Jerboa, so it is not unusual why some people do not make a big difference of each.

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