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If you think your pet deserves accommodation fit for royalty then you are completely right. Take a look at these luxurious pet houses that not only look amazing, but are also cozy and warm. Use these as an inspiration and you can turn your pet’s house into a marvel of architecture. Enjoy!

If your backyard needs more flowers but your dog is not a fan, here’s a great idea on how both of you can get what you want. Your dog will need to go to great lengths to mess this garden up. 

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Here’s a home great for active cats. Your kitty will be able to climb, scratch, jump and lounge all in one place. If you have enough space, go ahead and surprise your cat with a house like this. You’ll both enjoy it.

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This amazing rustic dog house is fit for any old-school pouch who likes to have control over its backyard. The dog will have a great view of your property and you will have a great view of this beautiful dog house. 

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If you want to do something creative with your bunny pen, here’s a great idea. You can turn their home into a classy bedroom, including a bed, nightstand and a tiny night lamp. One word: Adorable!

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Everyone enjoys blanket and pillow forts, even pets (especially pets). Surprise your dog with a cozy and warm fort and you can join them anytime you need some rest from the outside world. Forget about all of your problems and take a nap with your pet in a fort like this. 

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This is a great example of minimalistic but beautiful cat home. This two-story house offers the safety and warmth inside, and a good lounging area upstairs. You can even make it yourself. All you need is some wood and a little imagination. 

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When you think about luxury villas, pool is a must-have element. Same is with dog houses. This lucky pouch lives in a 5 star hotel every day. The pool comes in handy during the hot summer days. 

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If you want to protect your kingdom from dog invaders, you definitely need a castle. These cats can now lounge freely all day without the fear of being disturbed by their canine enemies. Some days they even get along, but when they don’t, it’s good to have a fort to protect you. 

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This twin house is a perfect solution if your sibling pets often argue about their homes. Now, there will be no more arguing and they can have their own freedom, but still live close to each other when they need to borrow some dog food.

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This house is perfect for the king of the yard. If your dog likes to be in control and always knows what’s going on in its yard, then look no further and get your pouch a house like this. At night it can curl up inside, and during the sunny days it can lounge on the deck and enjoy the view. 

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If you’re a child at heart and you always dreamt of becoming an astronaut when you grew up, here’s your chance to bring a little space into your life. This super fun cat house will inspire your cat to dream big and maybe end up as a first cat space explorer

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This simple yet cozy house has everything any dog wants. Warm interior, check. Good view, check. Food, double check! This home’s classic design will fit in every yard and will offer your dog its private haven

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This house inspired by mountain lodges and untouched nature could be a great decorative element of your garden. It easily fits two big dogs, and I’m sure they would enjoy sleeping in there. Truly a beautiful design, and the details….I'm speechless.

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Any cat can find its inner peace in this Zen cat house that is perfect for meditation and contemplation about the meaning of life. It consists of a house, two lounging areas and a nice little tree in case your cat has a green thumb. Repeat after me: Ooooommmm….OooOOOmmmm! 

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