Exotic Animal Cafes of Japan – 10 Pictures

Most of us heard about pet cafes, where you can have a meal or a drink in a company of local cats and dogs. But have you heard about an owl café or diner where you can hold an iguana? Everything is possible in Japan…

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Rabbit café Moff Rell in Tokyo

Here you come to play with friendly rabbits, hand feed them with special treats and afterward have some rest in a separate coffee-room. How does it work? You play admission fee for 30 or 60 minutes stay, which includes your special waterproof apron, coffee or soft drink and a portion of rabbit food, and then go to enjoy your rabbit time!

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Coffee with reptiles in Rockstar, Osaka

While waiting for your order in Rockstar café you can pet a large iguana or a tiny chameleon. All sorts of reptiles live in tanks along the wall, so you are welcome to explore and learn more about nature. Food and supplies for owners of exotic pets can be also found here.

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The “place you can meet owls”: Fuwafuwa in Yokohama

To spend some quality time with birds, you can go to a spacious Fuwafuwa, where you meet all kinds of owls. You can even take some pictures with birds on your hands and shoulders, and a selfie in a huge mirror, just don’t forget about following the basic principles of bird manners advised by the staff.

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Parrot Kotori Café, Tokyo

If you prefer parrots rather than owls, than welcome to parrot paradise in Tokyo Kotori Café, where you can enjoy interacting with a diverse flock of parrots, parakeets, and cockatoos. Whenever you feel to take have some rest from your noisy new friends, you can have your original dessert at the coffee table in a separate room. 

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Tokyo Snake Center

An animal café with a dozen of colorful snakes warmly welcomes the reptile lovers. Entering the place you chose one snake to accompany you at your table. A waiter will give you a quick snake etiquette lesson, and you can enjoy communication with an unusual pet.

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Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse

Some odd amphibians, giant tortoises, and lizards can be found in this exotic Japanese café. Unlike other similar spots, here you don’t pay for time, you are only expected to order a beverage or food. The regular animal café rules are applied here, as you must be gentle with animals and turn off your camera flash.

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Falconer's Cafe: Tokyo

This unique place features a large aviary space, where you can observe the owner's flock of falcons, hawks, and owls. Curious fact is that the Tokyo bird-lovers community members bring here their own birds to socialize.

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Meerkats in Runa Café, Aichi-ken Kasugai-shi

These guys live in a spacious corner of Runa Café. Meerkats are very curious and friendly creatures, they happily meet the newcomers and interact with them.

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Shibuya Sakuragaoka Café  

To find some goats in the middle of Tokyo? Easy! A pair of young goats lives in a pan in front of the café, lazily observing the visitors.

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