Do not touch me – I’m sleeping!!! – 17 pics

You should not be surprised if your pet covers it’s head, when it’s sleepy. Maybe you are too loud! Well, animals sleep too…

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Sleeping occurs as a period of rest to all sentient beings – from flies to people. Unlike us, people (dogs, cats and flies do not read this, I guess), who sleep 8 hours a day, some animals sleep much less than that, and we could say for some of them that they slept over half of their lives,  So for example, chimpanzees and pigs need only, similar to humans, about 8 hours of sleep, kangaroo, dog, mole, dolphin, duck, baboon or hedgehog need between 10 and 11, skunk, squirrel, python, North American opossum or giant armadillo between 14 and 18.

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Polar animals hibernate a couple of times. Daily, when they are active, they sleep 5-6 hours. Cows, Asian elephant, sheep, African elephant or horse sleep short, between 2 and 5 hours per day.

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Animal’s record holders in sleeping are giraffe in shortest sleep, because it sleeps about 1,9 hours a day (she’s definitely not lazy!), and bat, as the sleepy one with 19,9 hours a day! Wow! I’m already imagining how our “work” day would look like if we would sleep as bats – not upside down, but loooong, loooong!

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do not touch me i sleep09

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do not touch me i sleep10

So, to feel fresh and rested and to be able to function normally we need to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep to people and animals, too, causes mood swings. Have that on mind before you start vacuuming while your pet is trying to sleep! But, this too! If your pet is Garry, a snail, you can move now, because snails can sleep for three years! Maybe they are small, but their sleep is long. According to  that, think well before you take a roommate!  🙂

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do not touch me i sleep11

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All of them are cute, and like they are saying to us: “Go away, I'm sleeping“..

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