Divorced after 115 Years of Marriage! Love Story Between Two Turtles – 7 pics

How it is possible to divorce after 115 years of marriage, you'll wonder? Well, here's a story through pictures to help you understand the thing better.

It all began like this

About 115 years ago there was a couple that fell in love. Their love was so great that they decided to marry and spend their long lives together.

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divorced after 115 years of marriage01

But, after a while, things between them were getting worse and worse… As it happens with humans sometimes, too. The life they had together wasn't as pretty as it was in the very beginning…

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divorced after 115 years of marriage02

Get off my back, she said

One day, he decided to take things in is own 'hands' and to try to subordinate her to his own will, so that they could have their normal life back again, settled as it was planned. So, he climbed on her back, trying to make her stop doing what she wanted and to make her listen to him and obey.

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divorced after 115 years of marriage03

He failed, of course. But after that, things became even worse, quarrels became even more frequent…

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divorced after 115 years of marriage04

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divorced after 115 years of marriage05

That could lead only to one thing. In the end they realized that they're not loving each other as they used to, so they started acting in such way, without paying attention to one's couple.

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divorced after 115 years of marriage06

That's it!

Finally, she said it! “I want divorce!

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divorced after 115 years of marriage07

So, that's how a love story between two turtles, lasting for 115 years, has ended in one Austrian zoo. Those two turtles (Bibi and Podli) don't share the same cage any more. Sad but true story… Some wonder – if turtles couldn't make it, how are we supposed to?

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