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The wedding day is probably the most important day in lives of many, so it is no wonder that people take weddings seriously. However, it is also a day when we celebrate love, life and understanding, so making it a fun day is really the best way to go. That’s why some brides and grooms want to include their pets or other animals in their ceremony. I mean, what’s more fun than animals? Some of the animals on our list were invited, others just happened to stumble upon unexpectedly, but one thing is for sure – animals and weddings go together like bread and butter.

1. Oh deer, we just love weddings!

Can you imagine any other group of uninvited guests that you would love to have at your wedding more than a herd of deer? I mean, they are so cute and will definitely make your wedding photo more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. Also, they don’t drink alcohol and they only need some grass, so you won’t need to spend a lot to accommodate them.

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 1

2. A double wedding

What’s better than having a llama at your wedding? Well, having two llamas at your wedding, obviously. This couple decided to celebrate their special day by inviting some rather unusual guests. I guess they just love their furry friends. However, having llamas in your wedding photo is a sure way to get outshined. I mean, they are just too beautiful.

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 2

3. A happy family

When you are getting married, you want all your friends and family to be there so you can share your happiness with them. That is why this couple decided to bring their adorable pets to their wedding. I am pretty sure that any wedding photo can become epic with a pair of pooches in it, as we can see here.

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4. Monkey see, monkey come

A wedding is no monkey business, that much is sure. However, being visited by a group of wild monkeys on your wedding day has to be a good sign. If nothing else, that definitely is a nice way to start off your marriage, with a huge smile from this unusual encounter. Just look how happy the bride is. Beautiful!

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 4

5. Bambi at the wedding

This adorable photo simply beats any wedding photo you have ever seen, I’m pretty sure. Having a sweet fawn giving you a gentle kiss is probably not the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “wedding kiss”, but it sure is a thing you will remember forever. It is just so adorable, isn’t it?

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 5

6. Hurry up, you silly humans!

This pooch is obviously not impressed by a wedding. He probably thinks all humans are silly for engaging in such a formal display of affection. Well, like it or not, he became a part of that and he is even in the focal point here. Being out of focus in your wedding picture just shows that you really love your pet.

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 6

7. An old fellow at the wedding

This turtle has probably seen his share of weddings and other formal events. However, he decided to check out another wedding because he simply likes being in wedding photos. Even though he came without a gift, the bride seems happy to have him. Who wouldn’t?

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 7

8. A gentle giant

Here comes the wedding trumpet! Oh, no, it’s just an elephant. Not many people can say they had an elephant at their wedding. This couple can, however, and they have a photo to prove it. I hope that they didn’t serve alcohol to their unusual guest, otherwise he might end up like Dumbo when he got drunk. Now that was the stuff the nightmares are made of.

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 8

9. Nothing beats a pony!

Getting married is already a wonderful thing, but getting married in the company of ponies is just wonderful on another level. I mean, if I was a girl, I wouldn’t dream of a prince on a white horse, I would dream of a guy that has a pony! Just look how adorable this wedding photo is!

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 9

10. Don’t chicken out now!

When you decide to get married on a farm, you can expect some funny situations to happen with all those animals around. This bride found out the hard way that roosters don’t just sit in your hands without moving and the face she is making is just so hilarious. Having a wedding photo like this is not a girls dream, I bet.

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cute trend animals at weddings 10 pictures 10

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