Charming Cat-Sized Fluffy Critters – 8 Pictures + 2 Videos

Meet the small fluffy creature famous by a nickname “firefox”. These herbivorous mammals are one of the cutest critters you have ever met. They are called red pandas but they're not related to giant pandas in any way. The red panda only share its habitat – the high-altitude forests with a giant panda. They live in Nepal, central China and northern Myanmar.

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Cat-sized, but strong

These cat-sized animals have very strong muscles and tail which help them climbing high trees. The tail helps them balancing while climbing, and they also use it as a blanket in winter. They are very friendly animals and like to play a lot.

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charming catsized fluffy critters 2

Voracious vegetarians

The red panda likes to eat bamboo, different kinds of veggies, fruits, and eggs. When someone gets hungry, there is nothing else that can occupy his mind. This fluffy creature grabbed a plate full of food and does not want to let it go! We wonder if he succeeded in getting lunch…

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Domesticated red pandas

These adorable red pandas could replace cats and dogs as pets within just a few years! Many people have started to keep these animals as pets. They are intelligent, friendly, cute and furry – what better pet than this one you can get? Hmm, it seems like someone has smelled something delicious inside the house?! We hope this dude will find a way to get inside, despite being too short to reach the handle.

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Great nappers

After a difficult day, spent in climbing trees, red pandas need some rest. They are known as great nappers and spend more than half a day in sleeping. They are most active at night because they don’t like hot weather and can stand the temperature between 17-25 Celsius degrees. Just look how this fellow is gorgeous and cute while relaxing.

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The cutest paws in the world

Did you know that red pandas have a thumb-like adaptation on their paws? Well, they have it and use it for grabbing and eating a bamboo. Try not to feel heart melted about this photo!

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Gorgeous and protective parents

Nobody understands parental love and that feeling can be understood by parents only. Red pandas are very emotional and sentimental animals. They like to have a fellow in playing and female pandas act very protectively of their babies. There isn’t anything better than mother’s hug and care.

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Still living fossil

You probably didn’t know that red panda is one of the living fossils that have existed for over 5 million years! They are only surviving members of the family Ailuridae and nowadays are becoming an endangered species because of hunting and deforestation.

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The dumbest survival strategy ever!

Imagine you are enjoying playing and “talking” with your friends when someone surprises you and you got scared! Watch the following video and try not to laugh! One buddy got scared of a zookeeper’s boot and his friend was like: “Dude, calm down, it is just a zookeeper! What are you doin’?”

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They know how to play

There is never enough play for these cute little creatures. They climb trees, run, jump, wrestle with their friends and there is always a new game that they invent – whether it's picking a tasty bamboo, chasing one after the other or who will climb to the higher tree. Red pandas just know how to enjoy in nature!

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