Can Anything Be Cuter Than a Brown Panda Bear? – 10 Pictures

Some things in life are so precious and unique that there isn’t anything like them in the world. Up until recently, pandas were so close to extinction that almost every single individual was practically so precious it could be considered the only one in the world. Thankfully, in the years before we have seen enormous efforts by many amazing agencies and people and we have recently heard the news that pandas are now considered vulnerable, which means they are no longer endangered. However, even with this giant cuties one step further from extinction, there is still one panda bear that is so unique that he truly is the only one in the world.

The seventh son

Quizai is one of the only seven officially recorded brown panda bears in more than 25 years; that’s why he got his name, which means “The seventh son” in Chinese. He was abandoned when he was only two months old by his mother because he was, well, different. His fur color didn’t match the normal black and white that pandas have and was thus considered weak. 

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