But I Don’t Wanna Wait Here, I wanna Go with You – 18 pics

Most of the dog-in-the-car pictures are showing dogs hanging through the window, with their tongue out in the wind, etc. But one photograph decided to show some not so cheerful pictures/moments in the dogs' lives to wider public. Martin Usborne decided to take pictures of dogs in a situation where they are most vulnerable and lonely – when they're left alone in the car. Usbornes created a truly stunning series of pictures of lonely dogs left in the car, called The Silence of Dogs in Cars. The photos show dogs looking through the fogged car window, sad and lonely, as if they're saying “I don't wanna wait here, I wanna go with you…why are you leaving me here, are you coming back?” Usborn came upon this idea when he remembered how as a child he thought that dog left in the car are left there forever. But still, he claims that no dog in the pictures wasn't harmed in any way.

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