Busting the Myth – the Most Cuddling or the Most Agressive

In this article we will present you 20 photos and gifs that prove that Pit Bulls are the biggest cuddly dogs you've ever seen. Usually, dogs of this breed are followed by stereotypes and prejudices that they are very dangerous, always bloodthirsty and aggressive. Some people even call them killing machines and cannibals. Until few years ago, you could only hear and read bad things about Pit Bulls in the media, most of the time those were articles that showed them in bad context – like biting or attacking someone (even though the owners of dogs behaving like that are to blame), but it was never about their devotion and loyalty to the owner. We can only imagine what were the owners going through, with all this media circus, knowing that their beloved pets are not like that, but being unable to explain it to everyone. We continue to take part in the positive campaign about Pit Bulls, and therefore we present you a gallery of pictures that show them in their really light.

Pit Bulls are specially gifted for tucking in under a small soft blanket. If you ask them, there is always room for everybody!

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