Beware! Cute but Deadly Ahead – 10 Pictures

Wild animals are often really cute and seem pretty cuddly, but you must always remember that many of them can cause you serious harm or even kill you. Don’t be fooled by their innocent and sweet looks because they will certainly attack you if they feel threatened or, in some cases, if they are hungry. So, having that in mind, I have decided to create a list of some of the cutest but also the most dangerous animals you might come across.

1. Slow Loris

This animal is one of a few rare mammals that are venomous, so don’t be fooled by their big eyes and soft fur, because they can kill you in a blink of an eye. They carry their toxin in their elbows, on the side, and they can release it to their mouth if they feel threatened, which means that their bite can be deadly.  Since slow Loris pet trade has become popular in recent years, it is important to note here that you shouldn’t choose these animals as pets since they are being hunted and sold illegally, transported in inhumane conditions with little care for their well-being, which causes most of them to die before they reach their destination. Also, their teeth are often clipped out in order to prevent their venomous bites, usually without any anesthesia or medicine.

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2. Poison Dart Frog

These beautiful frogs come in different and numerous colors, but that doesn’t mean that you should come close to them to see how wonderful they really are. The reason for you to beware lies in the fact that these frogs are one of the most poisonous animals on the planet. They are pretty small, but some species have enough venom to kill a dozen of adult humans. They got their name after the blowgun darts that Native Americans used as a weapon and made by spreading the frogs’ venom on their tips.

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3. Big Cats

Yeah, big cats are probably as cute, if not even cuter than your regular cats that we all love and keep as pets. However, they are also pretty dangerous animals that can kill humans without much effort. They have extremely sharp teeth and fangs, which is a great reason to stay away from them. Lions, jaguars, leopards, pumas, tigers, to name just a few, are all among the deadliest animals on Earth.

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4. Elephant

Elephants are often considered to be gentle, sweet giants with a non-threatening temperament and even though they are usually pretty peaceful, they can still become dangerous in certain situations. In fact, since they are the biggest animals that walk on Earth, it is not so hard to imagine just how dangerous they can be if they become angry. The unfortunate statistic says that around 500 people are killed by elephants every year (many of them poachers).

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5. Leopard Seal

Don’t let this sweet and adorable face fool you because leopard seals are one of the top predators in the Antarctic. They are not generally aggressive, but there have been many instances in which they harmed and killed people. They are pretty powerful and always curious, which can be a misfortunate combination for people who come across them.

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6. Bears

There are many different bear species in the world and they all have one thing in common – they are so cute and pretty deadly. Since bears are omnivores, which means that they feed on both meat and plants, there have been many cases of bears hunting humans for food. They can also attack you if they feel threatened, or if you step in their territory, which is a big no-no. And if you are still not sure how dangerous they can be, just ask Leonardo DiCaprio (warning: the video we link here is extremely violent).

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7. Monkeys and Apes

Monkeys and apes are animals that are the most similar to humans, which makes them a big threat because they can easily transmit many diseases to humans. Even the smallest monkeys can bite humans and spread a dangerous virus like hepatitis C. Bigger monkeys and apes can harm humans using their sheer strength if they feel threatened. 

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8. Wolverine

Yes, wolverines might look fuzzy and cute, but they are known for their fierce and aggressive nature. Since they are armed with strong jaws and sharp claws, they are very dangerous to humans. In fact, they are famous for being able to hunt a prey that is three times bigger, like moose, for example. That means that you should beware the wolverines and stay as far away from them as possible.

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9. Cassowary

This cute-looking flightless bird is very similar to ostriches, but they are really rich in color. Their beautiful appearance can fool many into thinking that they are harmless, while in fact they are extremely territorial and aggressive. They can run fast and jump high, and they have enormous claws that are razor-sharp, which makes them pretty dangerous, and possibly deadly. Many tribes from New Guinea use their claws, which are straight, as a dagger to make their spears, placing them on top.

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10 .Pufferfish

I don’t know about you, but I can die from cuteness overload when I see a pufferfish expand to the fullest. This adorable fish, however, is among the most poisonous animals on Earth. In fact, a single pufferfish has enough poison to kill 30 adult human beings. Their poison doesn’t have any antidote, so if you are unfortunate enough to get bitten by a pufferfish, you will experience suffocation from your diaphragm being paralyzed. Not the most pleasant way to go, is it?

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