Animals in Solidarity – 14 pics

Who says that animals do not help each other? If you think so – you are terribly wrong. Here is a story about what happened to a Chinese farmer. Maybe you will change your mind. When Ye Shu, of Donguan, Guangdong Province, complained to his neighbor  that  a monkey that rides a goat during night time is eating vegetables from his garden, everyone laughed. But it turned out that the robbed farmer was not lying or making up the story, and it was his new neighbor's fault – a traveling circus had its tents around. Nobody looked after the animals after the show at night, so they ranged in secret expeditions. The monkey and the goat, who perform together, had worked out the plan.  The monkey would check if there was somebody in the garden, from the goat's back, and if it was all clear, they went in and the feast begun. This probably sounds funny, but this circus fortunately did not have tigers trained to ride elephants. Haha!

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