Adopting A Golden Retriever Puppy – 7 pics

Why would you buy from a breeder? Buying a golden retriever puppy from a breeder is more expensive. If you get lucky, you could find someone selling golden puppies for as little as $150. A breeder might start selling puppies for $250 at the low end of the scale. If you want a light cream golden retriever puppy with champion blood lines from a reputable breeder, you could pay over $2,000.

Buying from a breeder will allow you to examine the pedigree of the dog you are buying. This is especially important with goldens, since their most common health problems are genetic in nature. A reputable breeder will have paperwork certifying the health of his/her goldens. The parents of a puppy should have OFA certification for hip dysplasia. Also look for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certification for knees and heart, and CERF certification for eyes. Finally, breeders may offer a puppy guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, you can return your pet.

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