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Animals like exploring new places as much as people do, this adventurous goat called Frankie Rae is a perfect example! Frankie Rae is probably the coolest goat out there! She is constantly moving from place to place with her owners. Frankie is well behaved, she doesn't make a lot of mess so her owners don't have problems with her when they are on the move.

As you can see behind Frankie, there is a camper for travelling and she adores it! She pees before entering it and lays down as soon as her owners start the engine. She has a lot of energy but she is really calm when it comes to camper, she respects her form of transportation!

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How to travel with a goat? Simply. When you have such a nice, friendly and clever animal its even better than with humans! Frankie never hurts herself so her owners don't have to worry about that! She's really careful and she respects the nature, so she never goes too close to the danger. She is not very picky and fancy, she enyojs nature just the way it is. She can't talk but she can do almost everything else that shows us how good and clever she really is!

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This cute goat likes climbing on rocks! Its her favourite activity! Nobody knows why except for her! She goes dangerously close to the river and flashes a big smile showing that she's really happy with what she's done. Just dont fall in the cold water, Frankie! Its interestnig how you can see her emotions on her face! She's really something special and we should be glad that this precious goat exists! Knowing how some people can be cold, its really nice to see such a warm face full of positivity and pure happiness on a goat!

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As you can see, she really likes rivers! It doesnt matter where they are, she's gonna go and just look at them admiring the clear water! It probably calms her down, just like us, humans! She cannot remain calm for a long time because nature calls her! She needs to see everything that nature offers to her, she is just like that, very nosy and interested in every single detail!

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Frankie also loves heights and cliffs (probably because of rocks), most of the time she just leaves the camp and climbs somewhere with no fear! She doesn't go far away, so her owners can always see her, she doesn't want to make them worry, she is such a sweetheart!

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Here is our Frankie again, this time exploring not so dangerous terrain! She probably didn't sleep well, so she doesn't have enough energy, she usually sleeps on the edge of the bed so it wouldn't be a suprise if she fell off it! She really likes sleeping, so its not good if something like this happens! Her spirit is down and she doesn't have much energy, but she tries to at least walk around a little bit! Life on the road is hard, unfortunatly this can happen sometimes!

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Frankie is really photogenic! She is always up for posing in front of a camera, especially if the weather is nice! Her owners take a lot of pictures and post them on the social media. In the last few months Frankie became more popular since people love her irresistible aura! Her favourite theme is pastel so, when she sees a pinkish sky she always stands in front of it and her owners know that its time for another session!

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Sometimes, bad weather takes away her dear sunset. It happens and Frankie accepts it! She's always positive so she just waits for the sky to clear. Her owners don't let her go that far away if there might be a storm, so she just walks around the camper and smels the fresh air provided by woods and grass. She enjoys little things like this and nothing can ruin her mood (okay, maybe a lack of sleep can ruin her mood a little bit).

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Frankie can't stop exploring! Here we have her in a beautiful cave. She doesn't like closed space but the lightning and the rocks are really pretty here so she needed to take a closer look! Knowing her, she's gonna get out as soon as possible so her owners took this amazing photo in a second she stood there! The contrast is amazing and the photo looks stunning! Every photo with Frankie on it is perfect because of her appearance but this one is specially beautiful!

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Here is Frankie in her favourite environment! River, rocks, nice weather and that cute smile on her face! This goat is probably the happiest when she has those three simple things! She's lucky that her owners recpect that and take her to all of these beautiful places, in future, she's going to have a chance to explore and travel more and that makes her the luckiest goat on the planet!

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a goat that has seen the world 10 pictures 10

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