8 Animals That Marked The Year Behind Us

In the year behind us we all have had both good and bad memories. Since this is an animal blog, we wanted to remind you of the animals that marked 2013.

Sir Charles Barkley is adorable little French bulldog. Photos of him doing all sorts of stuff are circling the net mostly via Instagram where he has thousands of followers. You have to admit that he is charming little fellow.

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8 animals that marked the year behind us 2

This lovely zebra-donkey hybrid (zonkey in short) was born in animal reserve in Florence, Italy. Hybrids like him are really rare and, unfortunately, infertile due to uneven number of chromosomes. On the bright side, it should affect his life span and he should live a long and happy life. With his uniqueness, he'll probably have a lot of friends, too.

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Jeremy Veach, the owner of this photogenic pug was inspired by the other animal internet sensations so they decided to share their friendship with us. Jeremy recently explained on his Instagram page that he's not torturing Norm in order to make these pics. He said it's easily noticeable when Norm disagrees with the picture idea. If that happens, they just move to the next one.

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After Oscar barely escaped euthanasia in the abandoned animals' shelter, his life got a lot better. Together with his new owner he traveled all over the world, sending pics from every corner of the Earth.

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This stylish French bulldog is named Trotter. His owner, Sonya Yu is a professional food photographer who enjoys taking some time off and photographing her adorable bulldog wearing different styles of clothing and sharing those photos on Instagram where he has over 20k followers by now.

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8 animals that marked the year behind us 5

Superhero Ralph was one of the bravest dachshunds in the year behind us. Wearing full superhero gear, along with his sidekicks, he is able to stop all sorts of crime-sprees. You can follow his progress on this Facebook page.

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Rubi was only a puppy when her current owner found the in the garbage can. After a hard but successful struggle for survival, the two of them started doing wonderful things, including climbing the Everest.

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8 animals that marked the year behind us 9

We recently reported story about Sage and Harlow and with all the bittersweet things that happened, and they are definitely our number one choice for this list.

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8 animals that marked the year behind us 12


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