7 Workable Tips For Travelling With Your Pug

5. Ensure Your Pug is Identifiable

Tags are necessary. So, whenever you're ready to travel with your pug, make sure that your puppy pug or a grown-up wears its tag. Pen down your address and contact information on the tag so that in case it gets misplaced or lost, someone has an identity to recognize it and hand it over to its respective owner.

Moreover, the modern world introduces microchip and tags for pets. You can have it done by a local animal control facility or vet. It is really helpful when you are on vacation.

Sometimes holidays are really occupying and confusing for your furry friend because journeys are full of noises, people, and hustle-bustle all around. The surroundings and the scenario for them are not stable and relaxing as they are while at home.

Such situations might make your pug sneak out through an open gate or door. To handle unforeseen situations, you would surely want to know where your pug is. Furthermore, if you have a habit of removing the harness when your pug is indoors, then make sure that you keep it on when you are at a new place.


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