7 Workable Tips For Travelling With Your Pug

Traveling to the mountains, visiting the sun-kissing beaches, business trip, or planning a vacation with family, there are plenty of reasons to travel. But when you look towards your furry members, do you give seconds thoughts on your plans?

Well, many dogs love traveling where they give you the best support on your trip and make it a memorable one. But, being a pet owner you need to act responsibly and take good care of their basic needs while on travel via air, road or rail.

Pugs are no exception! They love to roam around with their tiny paws and have fun with their human parents.

If this time you desire to travel with your pug to an amazing journey or adventure, there are a few things that you should keep a note of as these are small breed dogs require more care than the others.

Little, chubby pugs with the curly tail are the cutest. Some pugs are nervous travelers, and some are not (because they are grown that way). But the ones who are nervous about traveling, have a tough time to settle down while on the road, plane or train.

Every dog loves to be around their owner(s) and feels annoyed and uncomfortable when you entrust them to be cared for by someone else. Moreover, if your pug is not home trained, then they might hate being left alone and witness some behavioral changes or anxiety issues.

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So, if you're traveling to visit friends and family during the holidays or to explore some beautiful places, then it’s recommended following these underneath tips to ensure safe and smooth travel with your little buddy.

1. Check your Wrinkly Friend's Adjustability

No matter whether you are going to grandma's house or any tourist place, you must clarify whether the place is suitable for your pet (pug) or not, before you land up there. It is essential that the person you're visiting must know that you're bringing your pug with you. By this, if there is any situation related to dogs, you'll know it before your visit.

Also, pugs are prone to cold. So carry winter clothing of your pug with you while traveling in the cold weather.

[Nota Bene:
Pugs cannot handle the severe heat due to their lack of a snout. Temperature above 85 degrees (30 Celsius) can become a reason to cause chaos, so keep proper care of the air conditioning and other climatic factors.]

In case you wish to stay at the hotel, prefer looking out for some pet-friendly accommodations near you that offer reliable services for your pet stay. Once you reach your destination, look for a surrounding to make it feel contented and relaxed, and get used to the location or site.

[Pugs showcase different personalities; it's not necessary that your four-legged companion will be thrilled by the welcoming place. Sometimes, traveling causes distress for pets; thus, take your pug for a walk to make him familiarize and feel comfortable to the new place, analyzing the uncommon environment and people closely.]

2. Do Some Home Work

Research is everything, so make sure that you do proper research about the place you are going to visit with your pet.

“Pet Travel may offer Opportunities to get into trouble!”

If you plan to take your pug to a new town, make sure you do in-detail online research about that town. At first, go for looking for a local emergency vet, the best place to eat with your dog, sites which are pet-friendly, places to poo, and much more.

Keep yourself ready for any emergencies that may come your way. Once you reach your destination, look for local pet stores around you. In this way, when you require any supplies, you don't have to wander around looking for the same.

This observation and research done beforehand would help you get aware and alert at the time of difficulty and would prevent the last minute hassles.

3. Buy the Necessary Travel Equipment

Wherever you are heading to, make sure your pug travels in proper crates or pet carriers, which not only provides them comfort but highly ensures their safety and security in parallel.

During your travel via air, pet carriers act as a mandatory asset to carry/transport your pets to the destination.

Modern kennels and crates now offer smooth travel experiences for all types and sizes of tamed animals through which they can see out at all the angles, are spacious enough to move in and around, and are relaxing enough to make them feel cozy and safe. (Some even provide bedding for them at additional costs.)

Pet travel instruments aid you with an easy journey with pugs and other small breed dogs as well as. They are portable, pet-friendly, smooth in handling, and most importantly safe and secure for your furry companion. Whether it's a car journey, or air travel or a train trip, don't miss to carry these essentials along.

4. Keep them Happy and Hydrated

One thing which people often forget to take along while traveling is water. So, make sure that while you try to explore the world with your cuddly four-legged pug, you carry plenty of water.

Since they need to be able to drink water every now and then, especially while traveling, not having water by your side may create a big problem, both for you and your pug. Also, if you think that you will provide well water or water from any stream or pond, then also it might be a risky choice because your pug may experience tummy-issues after drinking such water.

So, to make sure that you and your pug travel happy and safe, do not forget to carry a few water bottles with you accompanied by a water dish. (Make sure you stop in between for pug’s refreshment while traveling via road or make your pet feel light before onboarding a flight.)

Additionally, keep some snacks besides to feed your adorable pugs in order to maintain their diet schedule even on trips.

Carrying snackies and regular food for your pug will help in keeping him active, and you may also bribe them if needed to calm down or do as you intend. You know dogs are analogous to kids, and a pug can relate it closely.

Don't feel surprised if you see it eating a little less on the travel tips as usually, dogs show a transition in their eating patterns and behavior than the usual times. This might happen because your pug might get a little stressed and feel a bit abnormal and, thus, act differently.

[Pugs will feel light and happy, by intake of less food before and/or on travel!]

5. Ensure Your Pug is Identifiable

Tags are necessary. So, whenever you're ready to travel with your pug, make sure that your puppy pug or a grown-up wears its tag. Pen down your address and contact information on the tag so that in case it gets misplaced or lost, someone has an identity to recognize it and hand it over to its respective owner.

Moreover, the modern world introduces microchip and tags for pets. You can have it done by a local animal control facility or vet. It is really helpful when you are on vacation.

Sometimes holidays are really occupying and confusing for your furry friend because journeys are full of noises, people, and hustle-bustle all around. The surroundings and the scenario for them are not stable and relaxing as they are while at home.

Such situations might make your pug sneak out through an open gate or door. To handle unforeseen situations, you would surely want to know where your pug is. Furthermore, if you have a habit of removing the harness when your pug is indoors, then make sure that you keep it on when you are at a new place.

6. Prerequisites to Look For Air Travel

Why air travel?
Because there are many difficulties pet parents might have to deal with on planning their Air Travel with pets, as honestly, it is not less than a pain in the head when it comes to following airlines’ pet policies, making their reservations, handling pet errands, getting proofs of their vaccines and other medications, etc.

Without any traces of doubt, pugs are good air travelers, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while flying with your pooch.

  • There are many airlines that do not allow dogs. So before you make up your mind to travel with a specific airline, do not forget to cross-check if they are open to welcome your little buddy on-board or not.

  • Next, when it comes to air travel, pugs should fly with you as a carry-on and not as checked baggage in the cargo. Since pugs come under the brachycephalic category (i.e. short nose and flat face), it becomes difficult for them to travel in the cargo area.

[NB: There are still many flights that won't allow brachycephalic dogs in the cargo area because it's a great responsibility. So, do confirm these essentials prior to booking air tickets.]

7. Other Considerations

Take a look at some of the facts about pugs which will help you get insights prior to making travel anywhere, anytime soon:

  • Pugs are one of the valuable dog breeds and take a position in the list of 'Top Stolen Breed of Dogs'.

  • Be alert and keep your pug on a leash as they follow their nose and are quick to follow quick people.

  • These wrinkled cute dogs are quiet loud snoring, which is a concern to be looked upon closely while commuting via flight cabins and to tranquil places.

  • Travel tips with pugs must be planned, keeping in mind the weather conditions of the desired destination of visit. Pugs are vulnerable to show troublesome behavior when exposed to extreme heat.

  • Pugs are hearty travelers and give a good company to their road travel partners with an advantage over their size over the others.

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All in all, traveling with your pug isn't stressful; it simply requires a little bit of planning to run smoothly. Enjoy the holidays with your four-legged short heightened pug, while keeping everyone healthy and happy this season!

Happy Travelling!

Author: Danish Wadhwa

Image sources: All images we got from the author and fan of our FB page Animal's Look – Danish Wadhwa.

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