7 Workable Tips For Travelling With Your Pug

1. Check your Wrinkly Friend's Adjustability

No matter whether you are going to grandma's house or any tourist place, you must clarify whether the place is suitable for your pet (pug) or not, before you land up there. It is essential that the person you're visiting must know that you're bringing your pug with you. By this, if there is any situation related to dogs, you'll know it before your visit.

Also, pugs are prone to cold. So carry winter clothing of your pug with you while traveling in the cold weather.

[Nota Bene:
Pugs cannot handle the severe heat due to their lack of a snout. Temperature above 85 degrees (30 Celsius) can become a reason to cause chaos, so keep proper care of the air conditioning and other climatic factors.]

In case you wish to stay at the hotel, prefer looking out for some pet-friendly accommodations near you that offer reliable services for your pet stay. Once you reach your destination, look for a surrounding to make it feel contented and relaxed, and get used to the location or site.


[Pugs showcase different personalities; it's not necessary that your four-legged companion will be thrilled by the welcoming place. Sometimes, traveling causes distress for pets; thus, take your pug for a walk to make him familiarize and feel comfortable to the new place, analyzing the uncommon environment and people closely.]

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