5 Pets With Bizarre Amounts of Money

For some time now a rather bizarre thing is happening all over the world – eccentric wealthy people are leaving crazy amounts of money to their pets through testaments. In this article you will learn about the wealthiest animals in the world.

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“Gunther IV the Alsatian” inherited $ 383 million from his father, Gunter III. All that money came from German countess and multi-millionaire Karlotta Liebenstein who decided that her dog should get all her possessions. This dog owns a villa that was previously owned by Madonna.​

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Not so long ago, Italian stray cat named Tommaso, inherited 15 million euros. Four-year-old black cat became world's richest feline after death of 94-year-old mistress. Since Italian law prohibits leaving assets to pets, Maria (the late owner) decided to give it all to the animal shelter, and through them to hundreds stray animals beside Tommaso.

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British tycoon had strange pets and made even stranger decision. After his wife died, he altered his will and left all he had to his chicken Gigo.

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Leona Helmsley loved her dog Trouble so much that she left him 12 million dollars. He had his own stretch limo, hotels and apartments throughout America. His beauty treatments were about 10.000 dollars each. Trouble died in December 2011 and all the money that was left behind was donated to animal shelters.

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Honorable mention on this list goes to Calu the Congolese chimpanzee who was saved from war torn country by eccentric millionaire Patricia O’Neill. She brought him to the states where he lived in luxury. He had $ 40 millions coming his way until his owner announced that she was the victim of financial fraud and that she's penniless…I don't think he minded…

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