14 Freaky Nature’s Creations

Creativity of nature is boundless. Through genetic mutations or simple evolution, it created beautiful things we see everywhere around us. Here, you'll be able to see some weirder examples of that same creativity. Some animals you'll see here are more different than you'd expect but still beautiful, others are just designed with a bit unusual color pattern, and there are some that are downright freaky and mysterious.

This lobster survived after being pulled out from the see, thanks to its unusual marble color. From its experience, sometimes it’s better to be different.

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14 freaky natures creations 1

Has this tiger been washed in a washing machine, so its color washed off? Of course not! This is a real tiger, not a stuffed toy! This tiger is white due to a genetic mutation called Leucism. It is very rare in nature, but you can find them in zoos all around the world.

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This is the only known albino giraffe. As other albino animals, this one is also missing pigmentation. This cute white giraffe with ginger mane was discovered in Tanzania. Although different from the rest of giraffes, it was well accepted in the company, which is not a very frequent case with albino animals. Well done for the giraffes!

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14 freaky natures creations 3

White alligators, as all white animals, have a rare genetic disorder called Leucism, which influences the decrease in skin pigmentation. But, even though it’s white, this alligator found the love of his life. Well, the opposites attract!

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14 freaky natures creations 4

This is the last existing “white” zebra. There were 3 of them reported in captivity, but 2 of them succumbed to bone and kidney diseases. There were reported sightings of them in the wild but none of them was confirmed.

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14 freaky natures creations 5,

If you cannot decide for colors of the parrot when buying, here’s the solution – two-colored parrot! Unfortunately, this cute parrot is sadly sterile, due to the same mutation that gave him these wonderful colors.

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14 freaky natures creations 6

Weird white jackal, photographed in Mexico. What a good-looking figure, what a stature, what an elegant walk!

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14 freaky natures creations 7

I want to be different! Even the “normal” zebras can sometimes have a bit more intricate design than simple stripes.

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14 freaky natures creations 8

2 in 1! Very practical! This is Jaglion. It's a product of lioness and one really brave jaguar. Unlike other hybrids, these do not have any genetic flaws and can have a long and fertile life.

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14 freaky natures creations 9

This thing is a stuff of nightmares. It's just one more proof of the commonly known thing: We know less about underwater world than we know about outer space. God knows what else is swimming beneath us while we enjoy our vacation at sea.

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14 freaky natures creations 10

Aaaah!!! What is this? A monster?! It looks really mysterious! This is Montauk Monster. It washed on the shores of the business district of Montauk, New York in July 2008. Scientists gave little explanation about what it is (some experts suggest that the ‘monster’ is probably a raccoon), and none of those explanations could be proven, so this carcass remains a mystery.

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14 freaky natures creations 11

Ah, this is better! Unusual but sweet creature. When platypus was first discovered, a lot of people thought it was a hoax. It was just too different than anything they had seen by then and it was hard for them to believe it could be real. Platypus made it to this list just to remind you that not everything you find strange is fake.

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14 freaky natures creations 13

Strange? A few years ago, a woman from Mexico woke up screaming when she realized that this snake with one leg is climbing up her closet. Yeah, another really freaky thing. And why does the snake have one leg?

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14 freaky natures creations 14

Let this last picture be a reminder to you that things, although different, awkward and strange, can still be beautiful. Isn’t this a wonderful sight?!

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14 freaky natures creations 15

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