10 Toys Dogs Love!

Had it with your dog gnawing on your favorite leather shoes? Then it's probably time to find your dog a toy they will really love. Luckily, there are plenty of other dog owners who have been down this road before and mapped out which toys will make your dog's tail wag.

1. Kong Toys

You'll love this toy as much as your dog does. Kong actually makes quite a few toys, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are highly durable and made to last. The best ones are the thick rubber snowman shaped toys that you can stuff treats in.

Dog Toys

You may find that smarter dogs will grow bored with these, and can get the treats out very quickly. If so, consider a squeaking one to keep them occupied.

2. Frost Bite Frisbees

A standard Frisbee is actually a little dangerous for your dog. The plastic can splinter and break in their mouths and easily be swallowed. Frost Bite Frisbees are pliable and will puncture instead. It also works very well in cold weather, so it won't break if you leave it outside.

Dog Toys

3. Squirrel Plushes

There are a few toys like this, but the idea is the same. You have a plush toy with stuffed animals hidden inside of it. Your dog must work to free the squirrels, or whatever other plushes are in there. Very good for easily bored dogs.

Dog Toys

4. Laser Pointers

Some dogs are too smart for these, and others will get a little too fixated, but if yours is in between, a laser pointer can be a lot of fun as you run a little red light across the wall.

Dog Toys

5. Nylabones

These rubber chew bones are very popular because they can withstand even the strongest jaws and because they are good for your dog's teeth. They can be frozen as well and peanut butter sticks to them to draw your dog's attention.

Dog Toys

6. Tug Toys

Any form of tug toy is popular, but there are some that you should watch out for. The ropes are iffy with some saying they are good for the dog's teeth, but others warning that dogs can swallow the rope.

Dog Toys

I like to stick with Kongs or Toss-a-Lot. It's basically a pair of rubber balls wrapped in canvas with a few strands of canvas or nylon at the end. They're border indestructible and are easy to use as a tug toy. They also squeak, which your dog will love.

7. Puzzle Toys

Any toy that works as a puzzle is a good one. These puzzle toys will work your dog's brain as he gets the treats out, works through a series of ropes or pulls apart something to get to a plush in the middle. The Leo is a good example of a smart dog toy.

Dog Toys

8. Squirrel Dude

This is a little rubber chew toy, like a Kong, but with a timer that pops out treats every now and then. Want to see your dog worship a toy? This will have him begging a piece of plastic for the next treat.

Dog Toys

9. Tuffies

Stuffed animals are no nos for dogs – the stuffing is dangerous, and the buttons and other bits and pieces can break off in their mouths. However, tuffies are built especially for dogs and have ratings designed to match different levels of destructive dog.

Dog Toys

10. Motorized Balls

Any kind of ball or toy that runs itself along the floor will keep your dog busy. There are ones with flashing lights, sounds, or little toys being pulled along after it. Most dogs are enamoured with these, though some merely get bored or upset by them.

Dog Toys

What kinds of toys your dogs enjoy will depend largely on the type of dog you have, their energy level, and how easily they can be scared by flashing lights. Most dogs will love just about any of the toys on this list, but use your own judgement as well. You know best which toys will make your dog happy.

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