When is a puppy not a puppy?

Juvenile – Around 16 weeks to sexual maturity (6 to 9 months)

Puppies become progressively more independent during this dog’s mental maturity period. Sex hormones start to kick in bringing with them a new level of confidence. Early training can seem to be forgotten so it is important to continue during this time. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘flight period’ when puppies test their wings. This can start at around 5 months for some puppies. This can be a tricky time for puppies to be off lead when early recall progress disappears.

Permanent teeth begin to emerge at around 18 weeks. Exposure to novel stimuli should continue to prevent regression and puppies will start to show more reluctance to approach unfamiliar things.

A bitch will usually have her first season towards the end of this dog’s maturity period and males will start to lift their legs.

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