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It's not nice to be a fraud, but… Sometimes it's worth to behave like that. There are animals that are real experts in cheating. However, they do it in a special way so is simply impossible to get angry at some of them. See which animals have become real professionals to cleverly overcome certain situations.

The Master of Deception

No one is that skilled in setting eggs to other birds as a cuckoo. This highly intelligent bird is very lazy. She does not like to engage in educating of young, so she is skipping this hard work in an interesting way – she is cheating other birds by planting her eggs in other nest. While young birds do not hatch, their second, cheated mother has no idea that she has been deceived. When tiny birds come to the world, then it is too late to move them out of the nest. Maternal love is stronger than any differences and maternal heart accepts all her children, even though sometimes they are not all the same like other brothers and sisters.

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Intelligent Orangutans

You probably know that the orangutans are very smart, but do you know how much? Experts say that their intelligence is lagging very little behind the people and their skills are impressive. They know how to craft tools, which other animals simply cannot do. However, it is not only the fact they know how to make the necessary tools, they perfectly use what they make. There are very frequent stories of orangutans who make their perfect tool to fetch keys from the lock. This is how many gets out of the cage. These small lures are real professionals.

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Do Not Mess With the Opossum

Cute little opossums used to look so angry. However, despite their anger and sometimes unpredictable nature, they cannot always deal with their enemies. At that time begins their game that is known in the world  as “Playing possum”. This interesting animal will easily fool you she is dead because she is a so good actress that you will not be able to assess whether this is really so, or is a fraud of enormous proportions.

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One Can Steal Without Limitation

Some animals are stealing because they have to do that, while others steal because they're allowed to. An example of such animal is a Hanuman monkey, one of the sacred animals of Indus. These monkeys use their loftiness among the people and steal when they want and how they want, while they are never punished. When they team up with bad people, these monkeys are becoming true professional thieves, ready to trick you at any time.

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Can You Catch a Firefly?

At a time when the fireflies are flying around and glitter in the dark, we're all in a kind of special mood. But, many of us do not know that among more than 2,000 species of these sparkling flies there are those who are cheating. Most of these insects are flashing to attract partners. On the other side, those who want to catch their prey sparkle to attract other insects and use them for food.

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The Special Turtle

If you thought that all the turtles look similar, then you probably didn’t have a chance to see an alligator snapping turtle. Although this turtle is specific because she can bite off your whole arm with only one champ, she is just not so bloodthirsty. She still prefers to catch her prey to fraud. There is another hidden weapon this animal has, and that is her long tongue that has the shape of a worm. This turtle just drops her tongue in the water and wait for the curious fish to gather around. Of course, this is how the one instead of the hunter becomes an easy prey of this cheating animal.

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You Can't See Me

Do you know what's the secret of survival of caterpillars? This animal is able to do almost anything, just to survive. Not infrequently you can see some species of this kind how long and persistently stand in the same place imitating leaf or branch. Some of them made their system for survival so perfect, that every day they eat poisonous plants and fill their spines with toxins to protect themselves from predators. It is really outlandish what some animals are ready to do just to survive in the wild.

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What Does a Chameleon Stand For?

If by now you may not know, chameleon translated into many languages means liar. The appearance of this animal is very specific and can fool everyone. Not only this animal has a color which can easily change and blend with the environment, but this lizard has a tongue twice longer than his body. Thanks to this chameleon can deceive both predators and prey.

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The Kings of Darkness

Rats are standing for the biggest cheaters in the world. These animals are extremely fast, intelligent and are great vermin. Thanks to their keenness, they easily reach even the food that is well hidden, while at the same time it is very hard to catch them. Rats are cheaters which are not easily to relive once they move into your house or yard. It is no wonder that many people complain they are powerless to deal with these animals.

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