Movies That Could Influence on Your Dog Choice – 15 Pictures

Popular movies, like Beethoven, Lassie, Hachi – A Dog's Tale, 101 Dalmatians and animated movies like Lady and the Tramp, Balto, Bolt, Mr Peabody and Sherman, 101 Dalmatians again and many, many more may have influenced on the popularity of some dog breeds, and thus on the choice of the breed you bought.

1. Beethoven

Around 1992 the popularity of the St Bernard breed drastically arose after the release of the first Beethoven sequence. Many families bought a puppy of St Bernard, hoping it would turn out to be just as Beethoven's character. The following sequences kept the popularity of this breed alive until 2008. These dogs, besides being good at acting, are proven life saviors in the high mountains, and are also good at spending time and playing with children. Despite their size they're very careful.

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