Lily the Fox – From Food Farm to Rising Star of the Internet – 12 Images + 1 Video

We also have some good neighbors – deers Runt, Mom, Baby, and Rain. My mom says it is a good thing that neighbors have confidence in me and that they’re not scared of me at all. I do not know why she keeps mentioning food all the time, as if I was going to eat a little baby neighbor?! Well, of course I would never do that! After all, the baby and I are having great time playing, and I will never harm my buddy, even when we’re playing!

Both mama duck and her ducklings often visit us. My mom is afraid that I’ll think of them as food also, but they don’t seem to be afraid of me. I like walking with them alongside the shore of the lake and watch little ducklings as they learn how to swim. They’re all very fun and very happy bunch!

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