Lily the Fox – From Food Farm to Rising Star of the Internet – 12 Images + 1 Video

Little kitten Sheagwa – man, can she be tough to handle… Sometimes she gets angry for no reason and I cannot ask her anything when she is in a state of “resting” (and she does that most of the day). She is one of those silent types and I'm getting on her nerves because I keep talking. She says that she’s sorry I’m not as silent as she is. I do not think I’m such a blabber. Sometimes I do not speak a word for the entire 5 seconds! They say that the foxes are loners and that they don’t really like being in company of other animals. I don’t agree with that – Sheagwais far more “loner silent – type” than I am. But, no matter what – I adore her! When she wants, she can be a great friend.

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