A Terminally Sick Patient Made a Sizeable Recovery After Meeting his Dog

James Wathen who was seventy-three at the time was a terminally sick patient that was admitted to Baptist Fitness Corbin in Kentucky. James’ frail body and weakened mind made it almost impossible for him to fully recover.

The nurses at the said institution wind up hearing the news that James has probably overlooked his pet, a one-eyed chihuahua named Bubba, after he was admitted due to his health. And immediately, they didn’t waste their time and immediately tried to make a move to attempt to bring the two of them back together.

James Wathen’s condition turned for the worse, and he became fatally ill. Coincidentally, the time when his condition turned worse was also the exact same time when he was once again reunited with his beloved chihuahua, Bubba.

The old man wasn’t able to hold back his tears after seeing his buddy, Bubba, and started to grieve and the chihuahua also cuddled the old man in return. A staffer even commented that the scene that they watched can even be a beautiful script in a movie. It would make the viewers realize that animals are not just pets but are also part of the family and are loved.

The nurses and staff were able to track Bubba with the help of many other people. In the end, they found Bubba in the Knox Whitley Animal Shelter, where the little guy was taken care of after James Wathen was admitted.

During Bubba’s stay in the animal shelter, he was diagnosed with many signs of intellectual suffering due to the fact that his owner was nowhere to be found. They have speculated that the little guy must have thought that James Wathen probably abandoned or deserted him.

Thanks to the nurses and staff of the hospital James was admitted to and the cooperation of the animal shelter, James and Bubba were able to reunite on a Saturday evening in October.


“You can feel the happiness and pleasure that they share as they caress each other and dwell in nostalgia after seeing each other for how long.” Deanna Myers, Knox Whitley Animal Safe Haven director wrote in her Facebook post. “When Bubba turned into James, he started to grieve, after which Bubba started hugging James” she added in her post.

The nurses at Baptist Fitness Corbin said that after that day, the affected person, James Wathen, seemed to have gone through what could be a complete transformation. Eating his food, which had plenty of leftovers before, sat up, and seemingly once again, clinging to life. The man suddenly had the will to live again after seeing his buddy.

Due to this influence, Baptist Fitness Corbin made every effort to make certain that Bubba could possibly visit James Hathen every single day to encourage him more.

This only proves how much a loved one could make a huge change in someone’s life. Be it a person, or even your pets.

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