7 Workable Tips For Travelling With Your Pug

6. Prerequisites to Look For Air Travel

Why air travel?
Because there are many difficulties pet parents might have to deal with on planning their Air Travel with pets, as honestly, it is not less than a pain in the head when it comes to following airlines’ pet policies, making their reservations, handling pet errands, getting proofs of their vaccines and other medications, etc.

Without any traces of doubt, pugs are good air travelers, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while flying with your pooch.

  • There are many airlines that do not allow dogs. So before you make up your mind to travel with a specific airline, do not forget to cross-check if they are open to welcome your little buddy on-board or not.

  • Next, when it comes to air travel, pugs should fly with you as a carry-on and not as checked baggage in the cargo. Since pugs come under the brachycephalic category (i.e. short nose and flat face), it becomes difficult for them to travel in the cargo area.

[NB: There are still many flights that won't allow brachycephalic dogs in the cargo area because it's a great responsibility. So, do confirm these essentials prior to booking air tickets.]


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