7 Workable Tips For Travelling With Your Pug

4. Keep them Happy and Hydrated

One thing which people often forget to take along while traveling is water. So, make sure that while you try to explore the world with your cuddly four-legged pug, you carry plenty of water.

Since they need to be able to drink water every now and then, especially while traveling, not having water by your side may create a big problem, both for you and your pug. Also, if you think that you will provide well water or water from any stream or pond, then also it might be a risky choice because your pug may experience tummy-issues after drinking such water.

So, to make sure that you and your pug travel happy and safe, do not forget to carry a few water bottles with you accompanied by a water dish. (Make sure you stop in between for pug’s refreshment while traveling via road or make your pet feel light before onboarding a flight.)


Additionally, keep some snacks besides to feed your adorable pugs in order to maintain their diet schedule even on trips.

Carrying snackies and regular food for your pug will help in keeping him active, and you may also bribe them if needed to calm down or do as you intend. You know dogs are analogous to kids, and a pug can relate it closely.

Don't feel surprised if you see it eating a little less on the travel tips as usually, dogs show a transition in their eating patterns and behavior than the usual times. This might happen because your pug might get a little stressed and feel a bit abnormal and, thus, act differently.

[Pugs will feel light and happy, by intake of less food before and/or on travel!]


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